This development of 61 houses and apartments sits in the grounds of the Kastiel Bernolákovo, near Bratislava, a grand baroque manor house built in the 1720s by the leading architect of the day, Johann Bernard Fischer von Erlach. Industrial workshops, sheds and factories were added to the estate in the twentieth century. The client, a group of former architects, shares with Ash Sakula a mutual aspiration to create socially sustainable neighbourhoods with an imaginative mix of uses and convivial shared spaces.

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The corrugated cladding set against silver foil creates lavender and turquoise reflections. In the corrugation's interstices are suspended twisted strands of black and white electrical cabling, adding to the kinetic parallax illusion created as one passes the buildings - an effect developed by Ash Sakula in collaboration with the artist Vinita Khanna.

A few weeks after the residents moved in we received this painting from the Brewer family. It said, "Thank you for our incredible home." In an accompanying letter the Brewers wrote, "... we have never seen anything better designed for us as a family. Thank you for all your thoughtful hard work."

Animators Wrench & Franks made a short video of the project. Here is a still from the closing sequence.

Client: Imagine

Schedule: 61 houses and apartments

Start date: 2020