St Paul's House, Deptford

St Paul's House, an elegant 1920s building on Deptford High Street with a distinctly continental air, was formerly the rectory for Thomas Archer's baroque church,St Paul's Deptford, further down the High Street. Ash Sakula championed its reuse and demonstrated how it could be remodelled and extended to provide new homes and restaurants while retaining an important example of Deptford's heritage on the high street, as part of the larger Deptford Market Yard development by U+I.

The building now provides eight affordable apartments for Peabody within the upper floors of the old building and in a new roof extension, three new-build townhouses behind, and two restaurants on the ground floor, one within the former building, the other below the townhouses.

Between old and new is a small landscaped courtyard with a freestanding lift and stair tower giving access to all eleven homes.

Best Heritage Led Project, London Planning Awards 2017

Planning Award 2017, Winner

Property Award 2017, Winner

New London Award 2017, Winner

Landscape Institute Award 2017, Winner

Estate Gazette Award 2017, Winner