Malacky is planning a new neighbourhood on the other side of the E65 motorway from its centre. 

Ash Sakula worked with clients Imagine to develop key design concepts for the emerging masterplan, using a co-design process with multiple stakeholders to envision scenarios for the new quarter. 

The outlines of the new settlement are emerging. It will be a place for living, playing and working: not just a dormitory suburb.There will be a central square with shops, cafés and restaurants. There will be workplaces, a school and health facilities. 

It will use green construction technologies and encourage sustainable lifestyles, including walking and cycling.

It will be an attractive place to bring up children, with open countryside on three sides, while being well connected with Malacky. 

We hope that our embedding of certain important themes into the emerging plans will guide its development, and help it to become an exemplary 21st century settlement and a lovely place to live.

Client: Imagine, Bratislava

Location: Malacky, Slovakia

Accommodation: 2,000 new homes