Lightbox House

The Lightbox House is a home with a twist: it can be customized and adapted to suit different lifestyles and budgets. You can choose to have two, three or four bedrooms and, as the household expands, so can the house, with the addition of a rooftop pod providing an extra bedroom or workspace. Above all, it’s a lovely house to live in: shaped to draw in the light with big windows front and back, configured for easy, open-plan living, providing lots of space for living in and providing lots more for storing clutter.

The project came about when igloo Regeneration asked Ash Sakula to become one of six ‘home manufacturers’ for a pilot site in Pool, Cornwall. We teamed up with a timber frame manufacturer and a local builder and developed a product which we call the Lightbox House. 

Because Ash Sakula’s work has a strong affinity for its end-users and their experience of the places we make, it came naturally to us to work with a procurement process that more intimately involves the eventual occupant. We weren’t just designing a concept though. We knew that we had to make the customisation experience easy and interesting for purchasers, so we set up the Lightbox House website to make the process simple and accessible: 

Architect and Client: Ash Sakula Architects and Lightbox House Ltd

Three-bedroom house GIA: 90 sq m

Four-bedroom houseGIA: 116 sq m

Value: ~£220,000

Appointed: 2014