#SeeTheStreet - an invitation

June 4, 2018

Ash Sakula Architects invites you to explore the identity of a London street through making a two minute film about what happens within your personal cone of vision as you walk the block. What draws your eye up a building? Do you weave the changing tapestry of buildings and pavements into your thoughts as you walk?

Bring your smart phone ready to download a few handy apps. We have the green screens and the beers to make it fun. Meet in our studio at 6 Doughty Mews WC1N 2PG for a quick warm up and introduction, then we will take you in small groups around the block. Once back at the studio we will bring together our films and share our results with each other and with the web.

How does a six year old school kid see the street? How does a historian see the street? How does a cyclist see the street? At the end of the day we should have amassed a myriad of different ways of perceiving the city.

BOOK A PLACE HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/seethestreet-tickets-46283098995