Regenerating Loughborough Junction

March 24, 2020

Ash Sakula is developing a co-ordinated approach to three development sites within the complex central block of Loughborough Junction in south London, which is criss-crossed by two separate railway viaducts whose arches are home to a flourishing enterprise culture.

The study will build on what exists, help rejuvenate the high street and create new opportunities and activities including work space and housing.

It will be necessary to take account of site context, character and connectivity, planning constraints and opportunities and policy requirements, testing optimum layouts, scale, density, height and mix of uses for each of the three sites.

A particular challenge will be to consider the relationship between existing and new residential and employment uses and how a mix of employment uses and users can interface with servicing and back of house requirements. Important also will be a careful consideration of the high street experience and of how to retain existing businesses in the area.