People of the Malings

The Malings is a groundbreaking collection of seventy-six homes designed by Ash Sakula Architects and built in Newcastle-upon-Tyne's Ouseburn Valley. The project, which was carried out for Newcastle City Council and Igloo, was Supreme Winner of the 2016 Housing Design Awards. The people who have chosen to live there make a fascinating community, and we wanted to find out more about them, and what they felt about their new neighbourhood.

You can find out what they told us at our post-completion project site. Here is a preview.

"I think that the idea is that every flat gets a slice of the river. But we get a slice of the sunlight too, which is awesome."

- Harry and Lauren, Rosalind Place.

"I never looked anywhere else and I just love living here. Absolutely love the neighbours. I love the deck because I love gardening. Well, we have a really good allotment club. And everyone is really keen and we go out on a Sunday morning and we have coffee and we all weed and discuss plants and things."

- Kate, Kingfisher Place

"How often do you get to look out and see the sun shining on a nice big, yellow crane? I like the mix."

- Kathleen, Kingfisher Place

"We just fell in love with it straight away... Everyone gets on in harmony and it's just a nice cross-section of life really."

-Rory, Kingfisher Place