The city is always the work of many hands. A mercantile city like London develops incrementally around opportunities for trade and the changing enthusiasms of powerful men.

Deptford on the south bank of the Thames sits between Greenwich, the seat of RoyalNaval power and the City of London, largely built on the wealth of the British Empire. It is has an amazing and textured history and architecture. Convoys Wharf, the old Royal Docks, has for centuries been a large part of the place, feeding local business and central to its identity.

Tragically this centre of industry is now owned by property giants who seem to care little for the place but intend to build Canary Wharf scale apartment blocks and huge underground car parks…just because they can. Perhaps there is still hope that capital flight create an air bubble to re-considered this crude prospect. But that is anyone’s guess right now with rents falling between 30 and 40% in these areas of central East London.

What local people can do is hold on to what is still theirs, the public realm and invest in their own stories and sense of fair play. Enter MōSaF - feisty, small and hyper local, a Museum of Slavery and Freedom delivered with emotional intelligence and stacks of talent. The guides will create the best content for the most lively audiences…'community outreach' is a thing of the past welcome to community inreach and London’s thick network of savvy collaborators.

Learn more about this initiative on the MōSaF website: https://www.mosaf.org.uk/  
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