In-Use Websites

Our in-use websites become a resource for the communities of interest who inhabit or who want to research these three cultural projects, collecting the first photographs, client aspirations, early sketches, working drawings, construction progress, opening events and occupation.




Friends of Leather Lane Stars at our first community meeting.

"When it's like this, it's lovely to be here."

Shola, one of the market's Rising Stars, has been a trader at Leather Lane Market for 7 years, selling ladies' bags.

Mario, a Supporting Star, works at the Craft Beer Co. on Leather Lane, serving fine ales and beers to the discerning Leather Lane clientele.

Henry, an Established Star in the area, is one of the oldest traders on the block, having worked at the market for 43 years. He's lived in the area all his life.

Inga and her husband Andrew, Rising Stars at Leather Lane, have been selling hats, gloves, sunglasses and other fashion accessories at the market for 5 years. She started at Roman Road after finishing school.

Richard "Ritchie Rich" has been working in Leather Lane Market for 27 years, a well Established Star at the markets. He notes that the market 20 years ago "used to be like Mecca." Perhaps now it is again?