St Botolphs, Colchester

MIPIM Future Project Award, 2008

This is our competition-winning proposal to create a rich and layered new cultural quarter for Colchester, an area that’s currently traffic choked and run down.

We proposed a high quality public realm with continuous paved surfaces shared by pedestrians and the occasional vehicle, with archaeological traces marked in the pavement.  Alongside a mix of exciting new buildings, 60s eyesores are transformed out of recognition, and historic properties carefully restored.The proposed vineyard on the terrace of the creative business centre revives a centuries old tradition on Colchester’s south facing slopes.

New connections north, south, east and west stitch the new quarter into the city’s urban fabric and link many of its historic places.

This would be a new part of town that breaks with Colchester’s current evening youth monoculture at the same time as being appropriate for its urban grain of streets, open spaces and lanes.