Lightbox House, Heartlands

Housing Design Awards 2016, Custom-Build Award

The Lightbox House is Ash Sakula’s custom-build venture. Ash Sakula believe that people should have more choice in their homes than is currently being provided by the mass house builders, and one answer to this is custom- and self-build. Lightbox House is an adaptable, extendable, easy-to-build, delightful-to-live-in home, that builds on the years of space creation experience that Ash Sakula has developed.

The first Lightbox House is soon to be built in Pool, Cornwall as part of a pilot custom build project led by Igloo Regeneration. The site, adjacent to the Heartlands world heritage site, will include 54 custom-build homes.

You can find out more about the Lightbox House here, or you can see the project here.