LCB Depot, Leicester

RIBA Award 2006
EM Award 2006

Leicester’s LCB depot consists of two buildings and an open courtyard in between. The larger building is the old corporation bus depot itself, a solid, concrete-framed, four storey building. We formed a new light well in its centre to bring light into the heart of the building. On its upper floors are large, high-ceilinged studios, while the ground floor contains a hot desk area and a café – the main meeting point for the complex.

The second building is a new, six storey structure, with studios on upper floors, and gallery space and a conference area on the ground floor. A further meeting room is located next to the gold box on its roof. Between the two buildings the courtyard is a venue for open air events. At ground floor level, the buildings become as transparent as possible, revealing their inner workings to passers by.

The project has helped to kick-start the regeneration of Leicester’s cultural quarter, St George’s.