Boxley Street, Silvertown

Our low-cost apartment buildings for the Peabody Trust rethink what a minimum-sized dwelling should be while proposing radical ideas about how space should be prioritised.

The two buildings sit close to each other on a tight site, with a two-bedroom, 69 m² flat on every floor. A gate between them leads to an outdoor courtyard surrounded by a timber palisade of vertical logs. A stair forks up to two large outdoor platforms to access the first-floor flats.

The ground-floor flats open onto their own gardens and patio decks. Inside, the plans are arranged around a wide and generous hall large enough to be used as a room in its own right.

Transparent fibreglass rain screens form the external facades of the timber-framed buildings and silver aluminium foil is visible behind the corrugated panels. Wire mesh fencing encloses the first-floor decks and divides the gardens from the street.


“Looking, at first, like a handful of those Quality Street toffees wrapped in yellow foil, the row of homes that Ash Sakula Architects has designed for the Peabody Trust is some of the most imaginative and thoughtfully planned low-cost housing in London.”

– Jonathan Glancey, The Guardian, 2004